Identity Designer

What we do.

Ford Studio Art is a Colorado based graphic design and branding studio.

Our mission is to champion the storytellers that genuinely serve the efforts of their audience. 

Why we do it.

We believe in passing the torch to the next generation so they can read our history in its light. The world may not be forever, we still have a responsibility to leave what little traces of life we can. We can leave behind much more through speech, literature, music and films. What we have seen, heard and felt. These are things we will pass on.

Who we are.

Tim Ford

Principal + Identity Designer

The Royal we, as it may seem. Tim works closely with his clients. He believes that involving the clients in the creative process builds better relationships and avoids surprises. Changing the dynamics from vendor to partner. Tim uses his design knowledge to alleviate stress and overthinking. Simplicity, resilience and consistency are the standards he follows in each creation. 

We are in the business of drawing the best out of our storytellers.

If you are in the business of getting your audience excited about what your excited about, we would love to hear from you.


Lakewood, Colorado



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