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Identity Designer

What we do.

At Ford Studio Art, we believe in the power of authenticity and the magic of genuine storytelling. We champion the genuine storytellers among us, weaving their tales into the tapestry of enduring and enchanting brands. Join us on this journey to unveil your story and make a meaningful mark in the world of art and branding.

Why we do it.

The legacy we forge isn't merely about physical imprints, but the essence of our existence, etched into the very fabric of humanity. Through the beauty of words, the power of literature, the resonance of music, and the magic of cinema, we transmit our experiences, our stories, and our emotions. These are the treasures we hold dear and will lovingly pass on, illuminating the way for those who follow in our footsteps. Because in this fleeting journey of life, we believe that our stories are the bridges to our collective future.


Who we are.

Tim Ford

Principal + Identity Designer

Tim firmly believes that collaboration and transparency are the cornerstones of success. By involving clients in the creative process, he transforms the client-vendor dynamic into a true partnership. Simplicity, resilience, and unwavering consistency are Tim's compass points in every endeavor. His creations reflect his heartfelt dedication to making the complex seem simple, the fragile resilient, and the mundane extraordinary. With Tim, you're not just a client; you're part of a journey to discover the art of authentic design and lasting partnerships

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