Born in Kansas with a growing imagination, Tim Ford first discovered his love of art when he began drawing in kindergarten. Through grade school, he excelled in his art classes by bringing unique ideas to the classroom. Once he reached high school he began experimenting with different types of mediums; He fell in love with oil paints, pastels, acrylic, and watercolors. Tim's work was displayed throughout the school where he later participated in art shows. In college, he studied commercial and advertising art, It was near the end of his college studies that he was inspired by one of his professors to relocate to Denver where his work could reach a greater audience




S'ambrosia Wasike,

Director of The Joshua Blueprint

He so perfectly encapsulated everything we wanted for our logo, we not only hired him for that particular project but for every other project we had after that. We also referred all of our missionary friends to him that needed graphic design work done for their organizations. He never disappointed.

Ray Wasike,

Founder of Wasike Creations

He managed to understand the objectives in an extremely short amount of time to complete.  Furthermore,  he brought my business to life by creating a brand that encapsulates my vision. His way of cooperation and driving things is outstanding. I recommend him for any design and branding job.

Antonio Oteo,

 Owner Of Numerous Productions Entertainment

I'm a perfectionist or should I say a very picky person, which isn't always a good thing when it comes to graphic designers. Tim is excellent! he's unbelievably patient, extremely creative and knows just what I want even when I don't.  I can't wait to create again with him!