Fordtograph-E provides the content to creatives that channels perspective to the human experience into visual and tangible forms. Eric, ready to pivot into his strengths and let go of taking on more than he can chew. The initiative started with an in-depth discovery session to identify his vision, mission, and values. We unlocked a creative audience and built a visual identity that catered to his amicable personality. The logo needed to be flexible to communicate across different types of media and devices. Tim captured the camera between the initials for the letter mark and accented the typeface with aperture marks. The result was a comprehensive set of tools that create consistent quality for his content and promote more of his photography without taking the challenge on himself.

Branding & Identity

Logo Design


We are in the business of drawing the best out of our storytellers.

If you are in the business of getting your audience excited about what you're excited about, we would love to hear from you.


Lakewood, Colorado



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